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Contractors often experience slow times throughout the year and assume this is simply part of the job. It doesn’t need to be, however. With the help of contractor marketing, anyone in the business can have work all year long. It’s simply a matter of knowing where to find customers and how to draw them in. For this reason, many people in the industry now choose to work with an experienced marketing firm, one that has been shown to be successful in this area. We are this firm!

Consumers frequently turn to the internet when they want to hire a service professional. They generate a list of names and begin researching each company to learn more about what it has to offer. To do so, a companies website is likely one of the first places a consumer will visit. This is why it is important to make certain your site stands out from your competition.

Your website must be engaging and have visitors wanting to explore and learn more. Not only does your site need to show your company can be trusted, but it must also generate leads and bring about conversions. It must provide consumers with the information they are after without requiring a great deal of effort on their part. For this reason, the site has to be easy to navigate and provide relevant information that will allow the consumer to make an informed decision as to whether your company is a good fit for their needs. Every website we create achieves these goals, as contractor web design is what we do!

Nevertheless, your website design won’t be effective if the consumer cannot find the site. Companies have to make search engine optimization (SEO) a priority to ensure potential customers can find them without difficulty. Research consistently shows most internet users never move past the first page of the search engine results. Any company that is not found on this page is losing business. Our team uses a variety of methods, including keyword research and link building, to move our clients up in the search engine results so they get more leads and generate new business. We will do the same for you with our customized SEO for contractors services, our home builder SEO services, and more.

Individuals often recognize a brand not by their name but by the logo. As a result, companies need to spend time creating the perfect design to represent their company. Our contractor logo design team can be of help with this. Once your company is 100% satisfied with your your new logo; your company will use the logo across all marketing materials to help cement the brand of your organization in the consumer’s mind. Even if a consumer doesn’t need the services of a contractor now, your business will come to mind if they do require a professional in this field in the future.

Branding goes above and beyond simply creating a logo and developing a tagline. Why not brand employees too? Show what makes your team and organization unique. Think about how your company can bring specific skills to a job that others in the industry cannot. This is a great way to set your business apart and attract more leads and sales. Additionally, as a contractor you can brand your business through the content you provide to your audience. If it is unique and cannot be found elsewhere, the consumer will keep this in mind and come back when they want to have a question answered or to obtain information in the future.

Websites run with the assistance of a host, and the right provider needs to be selected for this purpose. Choose the wrong hosting provider your website may be down more than it is up. Furthermore, if something goes wrong with your site, you may not be able to recover sensitive information. The right host ensures this is never an issue.

Furthermore, a company offering this service should be of help with other tasks, such as email set-up. Having an email that is directly related to your company instills trust with your future customers. For example, a consumer is more likely to contact your company if you have an email that is rather than a generic email from yahoo or gmail. Potential and current clients want to be able to reach a company easily when a question or problem arises. The consumer knows they have somewhere to turn when they require assistance. If your company does not know which hosting provider to choose or needs assistance with setting this up, our agency is here to help!

Once your website is up and running, it must be maintained to ensure problems are prevented or caught early if they do come up. Malware, hacking, errors, hosting taking your site offline, broken functionality,  and messed up display are some things that can happen to your site if you don’t do regular upkeep and site maintenance.

Keeping your website running smoothly also gives your current and future customers a positive experience with your business. When a new product or service is offered, an update within the company arises, or you have new information to give to your customers (i.e. a blog post) this needs to be added to the site as well. Your company should choose a provider that handles these tasks and many more to guarantee the site is functioning at its highest potential. After all, your website may be the first impression you make, which means it should be a good one! 

You know that little padlock you see in the left hand corner next to the domain name? That is an SSL certificate. 

Search engines are now ranking sites with an SSL certificate of this type higher than those that don’t have the same protection in place. It also lets the consumer know any sensitive information they enter on your site is protected from prying eyes.  Even if no payment information is collected when using your site, it’s still wise to obtain the certificate for the other benefits it provides.

Any organization or individual holding or using the personal data of others for business must comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and this mandate includes contractors. The contractor must use this data fairly, explain to consumers what it will be used for, and more. A failure to comply can be costly for the business, and no contractor wants to learn they are being penalized because they didn’t understand the requirements. We help clients with these tasks to ensure they don’t encounter issues now or in the future.

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If you find this information to be overwhelming, don’t despair. Our agency specializes in contractor and homebuilder website designs. We help clients with the above tasks every day and will be more than happy to do the same for you! Leave these tasks to us and focus on one what you do best; running your business.  When you do so, your business will benefit by receiving more leads and convert them into paying customers.  We help to ensure the vision of your business comes to life through digital marketing all while making it as painless as possibly.