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Santa Rosa and other cities in the Bay Area are generating a great deal of interest these days. Having been ranked third among more than 100 metro areas in the nation for small business vitality by the American Cities Business Journal and twentieth among America’s best-performing cities, it’s attracting a long lineup of new entrepreneurs and residents.

While this growth is great news for everyone involved, it also means surging rivalry among local businesses. 

At JLE Web Design, we’re here to help create and foster your online presence, so you’re sure to catch the attention of the entrepreneurs and residents coming to our area!

What It Takes to Make Your Business Stand out

Not very long ago, gaining ground in the online world took little more than having a website. Since virtually every business is now online success requires far more effort and ingenuity. We know exactly what it takes to ramp up your visibility, bring in more qualified leads and convert those prospects to paying clients.

Brand Development​

Blazing Your Trail in the Sonoma County and Bay Area Business World

First and foremost, before website design even begins, it’s important to cultivate your brand image. Your brand goes a long way toward setting your company apart from others in your field; after all, it tells prospects who you are and why they should choose you over all the other competing agencies out there.

Leading Bay Area Branding Agency

Numerous elements go into this phase of the process, and each one is equally critical in proving why you deserve clients’ attention more so than competitors. Your overall brand image should touch upon as many consumer-relevant aspects as possible, like innovative designs, customized services and dedication to quality.

Incorporating recent advancements in your field will also come into play, and this factor tends to vary by company. For architects, using the latest technology and computer-aided design software might be an important focal point. Builders and contractors may want to point out their reliance on newly developed building techniques and materials. Interior designers should emphasize keeping up with the latest trends in lighting and color schemes. All this barely scratches the surface.

We’ll work with you to help build the foundation of your brand. From there, your logo and color scheme will enter the mix. This is yet another critical component as your logo and colors will be present in every aspect of your brand, from your website and uniforms to print materials and company vehicles. Once a clear vision of your brand image and logo have been established, we can proceed to the next phase.

Bay Area

Website Design Features

Developing your brand around your target audience may be the first step in being noticed online, but it’s far from the only one. Websites are businesses’ first line of contact with consumers these days, so they should be designed accordingly.

In spite of all the technology in use today, colors are still key in catching visitors’ eyes. Our team is well-versed in choosing all the right colors to fall in line with your brand and logo while also giving viewers plenty of other hues to take in. Other visual elements, like photos and video, help keep prospects on your site long enough to make an impression as well. Having just the right balance of dynamics and white space is also essential.

Visual aspects may draw attention, but written material helps hold viewers’ attention while building trust and credibility. It’s also vital in terms of boosting visibility. Content should be well written, authoritative and relevant to your company and industry as a whole. At the same time, it needs to include specific search terms guaranteed to bring in traffic.

Content marketing is among the most effective strategies in branding and website visibility at this point. Even if visitors never actually read your written content, it’s a major deciding factor when search engines determine just which sites to recommend for consumers. Using all the right keywords and details in this aspect will boost your search engine ranking and, in turn, your potential for impressing prospects.

Studies have proven landing pages are crucial in lead capture and conversion. This means having a dedicated landing page for each of your services and other features of your company will help drive success to an entirely new level. They’re also great channels for further keyword use, content marketing, incorporating visual elements, link building and other methods of growing your online presence.

Today’s consumers are hesitant to place their trust in just any company. Your word alone isn’t enough to convince them you’re the best in your field. They want to see just what you’re capable of accomplishing and how satisfied past clients are with your work. This is where your portfolio and testimonials come into play. They have incredible power when it comes to swaying prospects in the right direction.

Though keyword use in written content is an important factor in SEO, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Everything from page layout and load speed to image captions and blog post headings play into your site’s visibility and performance. Much of the SEO concept revolves around coding. It’s something you and your visitors may never actually see, but its results will be obvious on a number of levels.

Calls-to-action are as important to conversions as any other website design feature. Visitors may come to your site, but without these powerful prompts, they may not be inclined to do more than look. Calls-to-action should be strategically placed and specific to the service or offer on each landing page, and we’ll make sure they’re geared toward your goals as well as those of your visitors.

These are only a few of the Santa Rosa website design elements known to bring in traffic, generate leads and make conversions. At JLE Web Design, we’re experts in cultivating each aspect of your brand and website, and we specialize in bringing them all together in the most effective manner possible. Fill out the form we’ve provided for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help meet your company’s specific goals.

Why Choose JLE for Your Bay Area Website Design

You’re the best in your field. You have more knowledge, experience, creativity and dedication than any of your competitors can provide for the area’s incoming home and business owners. Unfortunately, they don’t know that yet, and making them believe it isn’t a simple process.

In most cases, consumers aren’t willing to venture past the first few options in their search engine results pages, so ranking among those top positions is fundamental to your cause. On top of that, you only have a few seconds to make a positive, lasting impression on visitors once they do click on your site.

We work closely with our clients and place utmost importance on understanding their brands, mission statements and the unique values they’re able to bring to the table. From there, we use our creativity and in-depth experience in Bay Area website design and marketing to boost their visibility and convey their messages to the world. We do so through our extensive range of services, including:

In today’s online landscape, reaching your target audience means creating an incredible visitor experience. If they don’t find it with your website, they’ll quickly move on to the next one. Our team is committed to making sure they need look no further than your business.

From helping cultivate your brand based on modern consumers’ expectations to ensuring your website is optimized from every angle, we’re here to help you succeed. You know what makes your company stand out. Our job is to make sure everyone else sees those strengths as well.

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Here at JLE Web Design, we’re passionate about helping businesses stand out from their competition and succeed. 

Whether you’re helping you are a new business just starting out or an existing business looking to give your company a new look, our goal is to make sure clients are able to find you online. We offer an extensive lineup of packages designed to meet your needs and budget.

Fill out the form we’ve provided here on our website to learn more about how we can help develop your brand and improve your online presence.  Let us help you build your business!